Join Housemarque’s Stormdivers beta this weekend

Check out the latest riff on battle royale games from Housemarque. 

Looking for a different battle royale experience than what’s currently out there with PUBG and Fortnite? Housemarque’s Stormdivers might be something you fancy.

Stormdivers’ beta is running this weekend beginning Saturday, Jan. 6 from 8:00 AM ET to Sunday at 3:00 AM ET. If you happen to be elsewhere, you can check this chart for which time zone applies to you. The beta is only available for PC players, and it’s up for such a short time that you don’t want to miss out on it if you’re interested in the game.

All you need to do to join is fill out this special beta form, follow the provided instructions, and log in during the times listed. This session doesn’t require any NDAs to be signed, so you can chat with others about what you see. You’ll also be able to play with others if you like, and there’s a special official Discord you can join up if you’re interested in talking about the game with others.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Stormdivers is a third-person multiplayer shooter with “chaotic battles” and “volatile explosions” that take place amidst a nano storm that threatens to surround the island around you – and you too, if you aren’t careful. The goal is to survive everyone else and be the last one standing, though the island you’re exploring is rife with threats.

Be sure to try out the game this weekend ahead of its impending 2019 launch if you’re curious.