Those Who Remain is a tense thriller coming this year

What secrets lie waiting beyond the darkness?

The trailer features eerie narration from a man who lets us know he used to be afraid of the dark. He used to think monsters were waiting to hurt him, and as he imparts this information we’re treated to a terrifying revelation: monsters are very real. And according to our narrator, they should be “afraid of the dark.”

The character is Edward Turner, who’s just arrived in the bizarre ghost town of the American city Dormont. Its citizens are trapped in darkness and have no means of escaping. The only way they can survive is by avoiding the darkness and staying in the light, much like the cult classic Alan Wake.

The game features some extremely terrifying exploration sequences that range from a bunker in flames to what appears to be an abyss-like area with a sludge monster waiting in the shadows to take you out should you happen to wander through.

There are also various dimensional portals to travel through as well as tough decisions that will need to be made throughout your time with the game. All in all, it looks like an exciting addition to the horror genre, and it’s coming out this year. There isn’t a specific date as far as when you can expect it just yet, but it’s well on its way. We’ll definitely want to see what it has to offer when it arrives.