Psyvariar Delta brings shmup action to PC

Shoot everything that moves in this retro-tringed shmup. 

If you can’t get enough of shmups, you might consider picking this one up. Psyvariar Delta is an intriguing new indie shooter that operates in a bit of a different way. It introduces the “Buzz System,” where you can level up your ship by just barely grazing enemy fire and chaining together “Buzz.”

It’s actually a remake of an arcade shooter back in 2000, cobbled together and still being honed by indie developer City Connection with plenty of new modes, levels, and other cool stuff for you to check out as you make your way through it. For the Steam version, you can change out your own soundtracks, ships, and other options to make the game truly yours. You also get both older variations on Psyvariar for good measure, just in case you feel in the mood to do some comparisons.

It’s not difficult to make a shmup formula that works, but it is difficult to take one and perfect it. Psyvariar Delta is an intriguing riff on the formula that offers timeless action, exciting options, and a colorful look that calls to mind titles like Radiant Silvergun or Ikaruga.

Right now, the game’s on sale as well, so if you’re curious your little experiment won’t have to break the bank. It’s 20% off at $23.99 via Steam.