Songbird Symphony gets new gameplay trailer

Help Birb find his way back to the nest.

Publishers PQube Limited have released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title Songbird Symphony, developed by Joysteak Studios. Alongside their new trailer, they have also confirmed that the rhythm puzzler will be released for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC on July 25th.

As the name suggests, Songbird Symphony is a puzzler that sees the cute protagonist Birb attempt to find his way back home. Using the power of music and strength of will, Birb must overcome increasingly tricky platforming to reach his goal. Players can move elements of the environment to a rhythmic beat, find mini-puzzles and wholesome challenges to complete along the way. Notes you learn will help you later in battles of pitch, which if won will unlock new areas.

There are also collectables scattered across the landscape, predictably, in the form of feathers. Collect the feathers and find out who they belong to to unlock new stories of vibrant characters. Fly your way across this pixel land to meet as many bubbly creatures as possible.

Songbird Symphony will be available on Steam, PS4 and Nintendo Switch on July 25th.