Norse hack ‘n’ slash Helheim out on Steam

Recover Hella’s lost reign in a sci-fi version of the realm of the dead. 

Italian indie studio Not A Number, together with indie publishing firm 34BIGTHINGS, have released today their first title ever, a hack ‘n’ slash inspired in norse culture, Helheim. This game is available as of today in digital form through Steam. 34BIGTHINGS has been developing games for years now, having produced games like Hyperdrive Massacre, Parallel and Redout, but this is its first work in the role of publishers.

“As our first game, Helheim has been a veritable passion project.” said Federico Giorsetti, Not A Number’s Game Designer through their latest press release. “Through 34BigThings’ guidance, we have learnt how to improve the game in several ways, and the game has reached a point of quality that we wouldn’t have been able to reach in such a short amount of time”, he added.

Helheim takes place in the norse underworld and players take the role of the goddess Hella in her mission to retake her position as ruler of this sci-fi version of the realm of the dead. In order to accomplish this, she will have to face and defeat a whole army with powerful combat moves and abilities.


The twist in Helheim’s setting rests in the fact that Hella’s reign has been taken over by a corrupted army wielding strange technology from another time. Players will have to quickly master Hella’s blade, capable of delivering devastating attacks and deflecting enemy’s projectiles from mysterious weapons.

This goddess of death hides special powers that can be unlocked by collecting runes, allowing her to recover her strength and combine her diverse arsenal to create various deadly mixes. Combat has been described as “easy to learn, hard to master” with a fast-paced gameplay.

Visually, Helheim looks pretty interesting, with huge 3D backdrops featuring crumbling structures and a falling kingdom of the dead, ravaged by this enigmatic army. Hella’s slashing and dashing through swarms of enemies in this setting certainly feels like true hell.

Helheim can be purchased right now for USD $8.99 through Steam.