Bee Simulator is getting a physical Switch edition

The gaming world is abuzz with this news. 

There’s a wide variety of weird simulator games out there. But perhaps none take the cake, lately, as Bee Simulator has. Sure, you can be bread, a goat, a bear, or a wide variety of other animals in these types of games. But none have let you become a tiny bee bee-fore, and it’s high time you get a chance to try it out. And a physical version of the game, to boot!

Varsav Game Studios has teamed up in a partnership with Bigben Interactive to bring the wacky Bee Simulator to Nintendo Switch by the end of 2019. Bee Simulator is exactly what it sounds like. You take on the role of a buzzy little bee as you zip around the world seeing things through the eyes of an insect.

There’s a single-player story that forces you to save your hive from “evil” human beings, a “realistic representation” of Central Park, and two other modes as well. Exploration mode lets you chill out and explore. Split-screen mode lets you work with others to explore and cooperate or bee competitive. It’s up to you.

Lukasz Rosinski, joint CEO and founder of Varsav Game Studios, said this about Bee Simulator:

“As a unique mix of action game with elements of simulation, and definitely with an educational mission, we deeply believe that Bee Simulator has great potential. Potential not only to give players huge amounts of fun and entertainment from being a bee, but also by increasing their knowledge of the nature that surrounds them, and maybe even change their work-life-nature balance.”

Sounds positively sweet, and we’re interested in all the buzz. Unfortunately, there’s no concrete release date just yet for the Switch version. It will, however, be launching simultaneously on PC and consoles.