39 Days to Mars arriving on Xbox One today

Take a trip to space in this puzzle adventure.

39 Days to Mars, the yellow-hued puzzle adventure game from developers It’s Anecdotal, have announced that their game goes live on Xbox One today. This unique and strange game takes you on a co-operative (although single player is available) adventure as you and a friend attempt to take the HMS Fearful on its maiden voyage to Mars.

The HMS Fearful isn’t exactly the best ship in the universe, so you and a friend (or you and the computer controlled ship’s cat, if you’re playing single player) are going to need to get creative to make it up and away. The two of you must work together to solve the puzzles that litter your ascent. The main protagonists Albert and Baxter have been illustrated beautifully, and the piano soundtrack that accompanies their actions helps to punctuate the mishaps along their journey.

The game is currently available on Windows, Mac and Linux and a Nintendo Switch release is expected in Early 2019. The Additional Victorian Adventures update that was released for PC last year will also be included in the Xbox One release. To find out more about 39 Days to Mars, visit the game’s page on Steam.