Peter Molyneux’s indie studio 22Cans have quietly announced a new game

Hype sold separately. Legacy

Peter Molyneux’s UK based indie studio, 22Cans recently announced their next title, Legacy. In a series of interviews, Molyneux has discussed some early details of the game including his desire to bring it to the Nintendo Switch.

Legacy is based on the first game Molyneux ever made called, The Entrepreneur which he famously quoted as only selling two copies. In Legacy, you play an entrepreneur who manages a business that can build and sell anything you like. Molyneux attributed the idea to his father, who used to spend long days in his workshop creating all manner of things. You begin the game as a startup inventor crafting items from a home office and selling them to the public. As you grow your company you can design and build more items growing your little business into a worldwide corporation.

“Legacy is certainly a big departure from what I’ve done before,” said Molyneux in an interview with NintendoLife.

Although it seems quite similar in its premise, Molyneux made a point of not talking too in-depth as to his ambitions for the game so as not to experience his past troubles with setting expectations. It seems, instead, Molyneux and 22Cans are taking a much more practical approach.

“The latest project that we’re working on started by me thinking ‘Right, I’ve got this crazy game idea, how could I possibly explain it to people,’ because explaining my games is just what I’ve always done. Instead of doing that I coded all of it up, just like I coded up the little prototype of Dungeon Keeper back in the day, so I did the same with this.” Molyneux told Kotaku in a recent interview.

Although it has not been announced what platforms Legacy will release on it’s safe to assume, given 22Cans last few games, that mobile will be one of them. Molyneux also expressed interest in bringing the title to the Nintendo Switch.

To find out more about Legacy’s development check out Red Bull Gaming’s in-depth look at it as part of its Levels series of short documentaries.