Into the Breach

Check out this amazing Into The Breach tribute animation

Big mechs, laser beams and time travel what more could you want?

If you’ve been enjoying Into The Breach over the last year then you’re not alone. The turn-based bug basher even won Best Strategy Game at the Game Awards last year, so it’s safe to say Subset Games’ time travelling strategy epic has captured the hearts of quite a few people. Comic Artist Benjamin Sawyer decided he loved the game so much he’d put together a tribute animation and the results are epic. Even Justin Ma, one of the game’s creators thought so.

Into the Breach is the latest title from Subset Games, the creators of FTL, and followed the same challenging, roguelike strategy elements that their original space survival game was known for. In it, you control giant mechs blistering with an array of devasting weaponry on a mission to save civilisation from gigantic bug-like creatures breeding beneath the Earth. In the grim future you inhabit, these terrifying creatures have all but consumed the planet so you time-travel back to the past bringing futuristic weapons with you in an attempt to destroy them before they take over.

The game features no animated cutscenes, so it’s interesting to see someone’s interruption of what the action would look like close up. At the end of the trailer, we get to see the pilot play the game’s ultimate trump card. Overwhelmed by Vek he activates his time travel device transporting him to an alternate timeline in the past giving him another shot at saving humanity from destruction. And, in that, we see the game’s twist on the usual roguelike style, giving you chance to start another run afresh with some of the experience you gained from the previous try.

Pretty epic stuff up close, and Into The Breach definitely suits the ’80s sci-fi approach.