Snake vs Snake rolls out major Nintendo Switch update

Battle even more people than ever before in this classic revamp

Where you one of those people who started their mobile gaming with Snake? If you were, then you might like to check out Snake vs Snake. It is an indie game developed by Swedish developers The game is currently live on Xbox One, Android and on Nintendo Switch and today the developers dropped the biggest update for the Nintendo Switch. The update now allows up to six people to battle it out at the same time, on a single screen.

Snake vs Snake takes the classic game and ramps it up a few levels. Not only do you still have to collect apples to make yourself grow in length but you now have to dodge bombs, negotiate mazes and, when in multiplayer mode, take down other snakes.

Key features of the game include:

  • A much faster pace compared to the original and collecting food not only makes you grow but also makes you move faster
  • A large variation of games modes
  • A single player mode which focusses on solving puzzles
  • Online score tables to see how you compare to others playing the game around the world
  • And a very fitting retro soundtrack.

As well as the new multiplayer mode on Nintendo Switch, the developer has upgraded the graphics to make the game smoother and more enjoyable.

Since its release, Snake vs Snake as grown in popularity and is even listed as one of the best indie games in the Xbox One Creators Collection program. The developer even actively takes in level design suggestions from players. If you are able to draw out your level, complete with apple positions and starting position, you can email the developer and submit your level for consideration.

The game is out now and can be purchased from your preferred store for $3.99/ £3.99 / €3.99.