Time to get domesticated with the latest Raft update

You will no longer alone as you sail the seas

Redbeet Interactive, developers of the ocean survival adventure Raft, released one of its biggest updates to date this week. The game has been going from strength to strength in Early Access on Steam so there is hope that this latest, and biggest, update could mean that a full release date might be on the horizon.

In the Domesticated update, players will finally be able to have some constant company on their rafts in the way of some animal companions. There are three of them. Llama which can be used for wool, Goats who could be used to get milk and Cluckers to supply some eggs. There is also a new land enemy in the form of a warthog which yields leather.

As well as the animals, there are some new items now available in-game too including:

  • Net launchers which will help you catch the animals safely. All you’ll need to find first is an oil can, some piping and some explosives,
  • Grass plots will give your animals somewhere nice to live as well as provide them with food. To make the grass plots you are going to need to gather some dirt from the large islands,
  • You will now be able to make yourself some armour (helmet, greaves, and body armour) and a backpack using leather from warthog kills and llama wool,
  • Healing Salves which can be made from the eggs the Cluckers drop.

There are plenty more new items in this update so the best thing to do is to check out the full update on Steam so that you know every single one. There have also been a number of bug fixes added to resolve FPS, UI and localization issues.

As we’ve already said, the game is still in Early Access and there is probably going to be more updates and announcements before its full release date so make sure you check back with us to find out the latest Raft news.