My Time At Portia gets new relationships trailer

Get to know the people of Portia in this new trailer.

My Time at Portia, the farming/simple life simulator from Pathea Games and Team17, has received a brand new trailer today centred around the relationships you can form within the game. It’s valentines day people, the day of relationships!

In My Time at Portia, a game we gave a very solid 7/10 to in review, you spend your time fixing up the farm left to you by your Pa. In the new trailer, the way you build relationships with those in the quaint town of Portia is showcased. Give gifts, play some rock, paper, scissors or take part in seasonal events to get to know those around you better.

You can even date your fellow pixels. Take them for a sunset horseback ride, or for a meal at The Round Table. If you’re feeling a little bit more violent you can even show them your shooting skills at the balloon-popping shooting gallery. When the time comes to confess your feelings, you can do so by giving your partner a ‘heart knot’ that allows you to go on dates or even get married. Real life relationships are for chumps.

My Time at Portia is available now from Steam, and can also be purchased on GOG and the Epic Games store. While it isn’t available on console currently, the game will also be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019.