Deltarune coming to the Switch on the 28th

The first chapter of Toby Fox’s next title will be available to download for free.


Undertale’s indie creator, Toby Fox, has announced that the first chapter of his highly anticipated next title, Deltarune, will be available on the Nintendo Switch for free from February 28th. This first episode is already available for download on PC, also for free.

After a series of tweets in an anticipating tone, and a big deal of feedback gathering, Undertale indie developer Toby Fox ended up retweeting a post by Nintendo of America with the news that Deltarune’s first chapter will be available for free in just two weeks for Nintendo Switch owners directly from the E-Shop. Fox also commented that this new story is coming soon to Playstation 4.


Additionally, Fox also made public that the original soundtrack from Deltarune’s first part is now available on iTunes. Fox’s work with soundtracks was also praised for what he delivered in Undertale.

In celebration for this upcoming Switch release, Undertale’s developer also dropped the news that his first title will be available with a 33% discounted price tag through Nintendo’s E-Shop. So if you haven’t played Undertale yet, this might be a unique chance for you to pick it up and have a go at it already. This offer will remain until February 27th, just one day prior to Deltarune’s release.

Deltarune’s reviews have been generally very positive, with special praise to Fox’s unique storytelling and writing, as well as some improvements in the UI and combat systems, compared to Undertale’s experience. It’s overall feel is quite similar from Undertale’s, although Fox has stated that it’s not a sequel, but more of a spin-off.