Spider-like runner Microbian creeps onto iOS this week

This is an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare.

Spanish indie developers, D.E.P. games have announced their semi-procedural spider-like runner, Microbian will be launching on iOS 21st February. In it, you have to dodge, run, eat, jump and change gravity so that your microbe – yes it’s not a spider – can survive.

With a stark, monochromatic hand-drawn art style Microbian makes quite the impression as a mobile game. It’s clearly a fast-paced platformer designed with an intuitive control system in mind where you only need one tap of the screen to jump and a double tap to jump and stick to the opposite wall.

Although it’s not a spider you control we can imagine arachnophobes aren’t going to be too fond of this game. It’s the legs that do it. But, for those without a fear of small black creepy things you can expect a semi-procedural system to the level design that throws a variety of obstacles in your way should you start to get too comfortable.

Microbian flees the organic and hostile world onto the iOS store 21 Feb 2019.