HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed returns in Early Access 2.0 this week

Imagine what Toy Story would be like if it had a lot more guns.HYPERCHARGE Unboxed

HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed developers, Digital Cybercherries recently announced that they would be relaunching their toy soldier shooter as Early Access 2.0 this week. The game has been totally rebuilt from the ground up including a new UI, HUD, modes, enemies and maps.

In what is essentially a distinctly more violent version of Toy Story, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed lets you control a range of toy soldiers battling in it out in a 4-player co-op form of hybrid tower defence. If you ever played with toy soldiers as a kid then this is everything you imagined – a grand battle dwarfed by the giant surroundings of your house. It’s all about protecting your core in this wave-based shooter and you’ll have to bring a hefty arsenal of miniature weapons to bear to do it.

After suffering a serious of development problems with the initial early access launch, the team decided to relaunch the game a second time taking on feedback from players and fixing many of the issues of the original. So, if you ever dreamed of bringing your toy box to life, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed 2.0 might just make your dreams become a reality.

Hypercharge: Unboxed relaunches into Early Access on 22 Feb 2019.