Intriguing exploration game Vignettes making its way to PC

This weird wonder started life on mobile.

Vignette is the sort of game that shouldn’t be shoved into any particular category, as giving it just one genre would probably do it a disservice. Having said that, the team at Skeleton Business do refer to it as an exploration game, and as curious as it is, we can see how that fits.

The title started life as a mobile game, seeing plays rotating various common objects in order to progress to the next mood, colour scheme, and item. Without any text or characters to hook onto, the player entertains themselves simply by figuring out which rotation will lead to the next object, and how exactly they are linked. According to the game’s Steam page, here are some of the things you can expect to get up to in game:

  • Rescue a stray cat
  • Re-enact the moon landing
  • Take a selfie on top of a mountain
  • Awaken an ancient snake spirit
  • Travel back in time
  • Conduct biological studies
  • And lots more!

How exactly you manage to all these things, we’re not entirely sure, but it’s definitely worth finding out. The steam release see the game improved on from the mobile version, but is mostly a faithful port. To find out more about Vignettes check out it out on Steam, where it will be released on March 6th.