Online turn-based strategy game Batalj out on PC

Choose your custom squads from 9 heroes and more than 50 unique units.

After three months in its closed beta stage, online turn-based strategy game Batalj has been finally released in its full version for PC through Steam by Swedish indie developers at Fall Damage. Earlier this year the studio had announced that the game would be staying in beta for a while longer, scheduling its release for January 31st. Now, more than two weeks later, it’s been released in its full build.

Fall damage is a Swedish-based indie studio mainly composed by industry veterans coming from DICE and funded by Goodbye Kansas Game Invest. “At Fall Damage Studio we set out to make BATALJ a truly unique addition to the turn based genre, providing almost limitless options to face opponents with fast tactical gameplay”, said Anders Gyllenberg, CEO at Fall Damage Studio.


Batalj (Swedish for “combat”) is an online turn-based strategy game set in a futuristic universe and that allows players to build their custom squads from a pool of unique units, each with its own abilities, roles, strengths and weaknesses. Carefully selecting between the 9 available heroes and more than 50 different units, and composing a balanced and powerful squad will test our strategic and tactical thinking.

Additionally, Batalj’s universe consists of three different factions: “the scavenging and nomadic Rusters, the machine integrated Re-Linked or the genetically enhanced Splicers”. Batalj features a simultaneous turn system, providing fast matches without annoying downtime between them.

Strategy, forward-thinking, planning and adapting will be important in order to come out victorious from each match against online opponents.

Batalj is out now for PC through Steam priced at a discounted value of USD $19.99 during launch week and a normal price of USD $24.99.