If Wes Anderson made Twin Peaks, Trüberbrook might be the result

It’s Germany, but not as we know it.

Adding its name to the stock of beautiful game’s releasing using physically handmade stages and figures (Lumino City and Harold Halibut to name just two), Trüberbrook is just about ready to step out of its parallel universe onto Steam. This week the teams behind the game, Headup Games and btf, have announced that Trüberbrook will be released on March 12th.

The game takes place in the beautiful landscape of 1960s Germany, but as Twin Peaks has taught us, even the most captivating scenery can hide something eerie beneath. Cast as the young American physicist Tannhauser, players can explore this West German town and meet the seemingly harmless locals. Before long however, Tannhauser notices something spacey going on, and what unravels is a surprising science fiction puzzle mystery. Weren’t expecting that from the initial visuals were you? Neither were we.


Every location within this stunning game was created using real life miniature models, allowing for each scene to be lit and staged before being animated in post. This is no doubt what gives each scene the distinctive Wes Anderson feel, although I’m sure the comparison will become a little tired as we learn more about the game. The unique style gives everything that slight dreamy, uncanny quality, perfect for a game dealing with the supernatural.

If Trüberbrook takes your interest just as much as it’s taken ahold of ours, check it out on Steam, where it will be releasing on March 12th.