Deckbuilder Slay the Spire stacks 1.5m copies sold

Slay the Spire slays it sales.

We’re always keen to celebrate the success of indies, and it’s even better when said indie is a little on the unusual side. Mega Crit Games, the developers of Slay the Spire, have announced in a talk given at GDC this week that the roguelike/deckbuilder has reached 1.5m copies sold, a combined total from sales since release and it’s stint in early access, which it left in January.

The most interesting detail, however, is the area in which Slay the Spire found its success. The Chinese market made up 43% of sales, which would make sense if the game had been localised there, but this was before any localisation had taken place. In their talk at GDC the spokesperson for Mega Crit (as reported by PCGamesN) used this example to touch on the importance of localisation and the untapped audiences that are at indie developer’s disposal. Slay the Spire is now translated into 18 languages, in part in reaction to the demand from those audiences that are not English speaking.

In general, the deckbuilder has proven extremely popular because of its unique and addictive gameplay. You can fight enemies and dungeon crawl with a combination of the cards that make up your deck, all while navigating the spire, a dungeon that changes each time you play. With frequent content additions to the game, and a clearly hungry audience, Slay the Spire seems to show no signs of running the course of its shelf-life.

To find out more about Slay the Spire visit the game’s Steam page, where you can also read the stacks of fantastic reviews.