The new Epic exclusive is a triple-I game

No Code has chosen Steam’s rival store to release their new sci-fi thriller.

No Code’s new triple-I experience Observation, published by Devolver Digital, will be an Epic Games exclusive and will only be available for PC through Epic’s store. Its release date has been set for May 21st and it will also be launched on Playstation 4. No Code has been responsible for the smash hit Stories Untold, which received all-around incredibly positive reviews.

Observation is a game I’ve been waiting for as it combines that ’90s Alien aesthetics revived by Alien: Isolation, as well as a sci-fi horror thriller overall feel. Visually the games looks amazing, and the fact that the game puts us in control of a spaceship’s AI following the story of one of its crew members takes us back to the glory of 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s basically a no-brainer for me.

Epic Games seems to be really trying to step in the gaming market as a whole new great force and presenting a fierce competition for Steam. Earlier this year, leading indie industry developers at Supergiant Games decided to release their fourth game, Hades, only through Epic’s store. This was a clear sign towards other indie studios to take a look at Epic’s terms.


Aside from Observation, Epic announced a dozen or so new releases for PC that will be available exclusively at their store. Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human will all be arriving to PC through Epic’s store. Other indie studios like Brace Yourself Games, Nightschool Studios and Phoenix Labs will also be launching their games only through Epic’s platform, including Industries of Titan, Afterparty and Dauntless.

The harsh criticism received by Metro: Exodus for doing the same thing seem so long ago. Would it have been equally shunned if it was released today now that so many developers are being attracted by Epic Games? I think not, but it’ll be probably a matter of time before we understand if all of what’s going on with the digital distribution industry is just a phase or a large-scale revolution.

Observation is available for pre-purchase right now for USD $12.59.