Tons of indie games in Fanatical’s new Bundle Blast

I’m still a bundle junkie. 

Little Racers

If you haven’t heard about my bundle addiction, you can learn more about it here. Alas, my obsession continues, and Fanatical seems to be feeding it with brand new bundles of bundles, that’s a lot of bundles! Their new Bundle Blast features a long list of new packs of indie titles, and many of them haven’t been released yet.

This time there’s practically a bundle for each player. Let’s start off with the Giant Sims Bundle, featuring four indie simulators for all of you tinker gamers out there. Robot Squad Simulator 2017, Demolish & Build 2017, Giant Machines 2017 and Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 are all packed in this machine-themed bundle. My only question is why is it necessary to include the year of the game’s release in its title.

Riff Racers

The Racing Bundle contains 14 different racing games spanning through different styles of the genre. Top-down racing lovers that enjoyed hours of fun with Micro Machines can now relive those glory days with Little Racers STREET, while those who want some more adrenaline-filled gameplay can take a look at Table Top Racing: World Tour, the more realistic GT Legends or Riff Racer, in which you can race with your own music in the background!

Next up in this Bundle Blast is the infamous Cosmic Mystery Bundle, for which we obviously don’t have a fixed lineup. This is a gambling game and if you like tossing USD $5 for a random set of 10 Steam keys, then be my guest. But for what I’ve been able to gather from social media and Reddit, this bundle commonly delivers games like HoPiKo, Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure and maybe Layers of Fear if you’re lucky. I personally don’t recommend purchasing these mystery bundles, but let us know what you get if you choose to do so!


Want to check out some indie RPGs? The Lore Bundle packs some very interesting options for those interested in something like that. Songbringer, Windward and Wurm Unlimited are at the top of this bundle’s list, followed by Forward to the Sky and The Gate of Firmament.

Finally, if you really want to stretch your money’s worth, maybe you’ll be into the Dollar Vault Bundle, through which for USD 1$ you’ll get 9 Steam keys, featuring the truly weird and certainly challenging puzzle game ShP, Castle of No Escape 1 and 2, the single-boss challenge Walhall and other small games that most definitely have gone under your radar.

Fanatical still has some more bundles ready to launch during the next couple of hours, so if you’re an avid bundle snatcher like me you’ll probably want to be on the lookout for some juicy offers coming from the Bundle Blast. Here are some of them you can check out now:

Undercover Bundle

Fantasy Bundle

Skullgirls Complete Bundle

Elite Mystery Bundle