Humble Bundle’s new Indie bundle packs some great gems

A retro RPG, an unorthodox RTS, parkour rabbits and much more.

Tooth And Tail

I love bundles. I do, I have to admit it. I just can’t resist a pack of interesting games I don’t own for a bargain price. It’s also true that gaming bundles websites often times can’t gather enough deals to offer a star lineup. Many times they’re filled with unknown, never-before-heard-of forgettable games. But Humble Bundles’s 20th Indie Bundle is something to really consider.

When I first bought one of Humble Bundle’s Indie-oriented bundles I remember I discovered an amazing RPG experience with Underrail, a game I played for hundreds of hours and completely worth the whole bundle’s value. That’s why whenever they launch a new Indie bundle my antennas rise.

This latest bundle has some indie gems that really caught my eye, namely The First Tree and Tooth And Tale. We also see Overgrowth at the top-tier price, for which we’ll have to pay at least USD $10 to unlock. This gave me some mixed feelings, and I’ll explain why in a second.

This Indie Bundle contains the following titles:


If I had to choose a tier, I’d go with the USD $3.76, mainly because Overgrowth, a parkour and martial arts-based combat adventure lead by a troop of giant rabbits, has been widely criticised for its clunky and unpolished¬† gameplay that made it very hard to engage players. Graphics are at that mid-range spot where they’re neither too cool nor terrible, making it an overall ‘meh’. And if you can’t or just won’t spend that amount of money, the first tier is pretty good on its own.

At the initial tier we get the great looking (and sounding) walking simulator The First Tree, in which we’ll play as a fox looking for its family while we explore a gorgeous looking world and gather information about a second connected story told by this game. Although not a very long game (you can complete it with one and a half hours), its relaxing feel and emotional narrative are well worth your while.

The First Tree

Tangledeep is a retro-inspired action RPG with elements from roguelikes and dungeon crawlers and a turn-based gameplay system that can really satisfy old-school and modern gamers. Magical beasts, ancient automatons, bizarre environments and hybrid biomes await for us as we set off in our journey to discover what’s on the surface of a world where the whole civilization lives underground.

Among The Sleep is a weird one, but still interesting: a first-person horror adventure game where we play as a scared and vulnerable two-year-old child that wakes up to some mysterious sounds and wishes to find out what’s going.

The second tier contains what to me is the star of this show: Tooth And Tail. This unorthodox real-time strategy game features different clans of animals fighting to see who eats and who gets eaten. Its long and certainly challenging single-player campaign, its beautiful graphics and sound design and its amazingly fun multiplayer mode configure a truly recommended title to snatch.

Getting Over It

The tier is completed by the infamously hard Getting Over It, which reached its peak of popularity with its mobile version and that will certainly test your skills if you like these types of games. Just be warned that its creator has confessed that Getting Over It is “a game I made for a certain kind of person to hurt them”. Finally in that tier we have Dream Daddy, a dating simulator about dads looking for other dads, a title about I don’t have anything to say about it as I’m not a fan of dating sims and can’t ever be a good source to rate them as good or bad.

So, for USD $3.76 I’d say that Humble Bundle is offering a pretty solid opportunity to expand our indie libraries with amazing titles, and if you’re willing to stretch your wallet and spend something like USD $6 more, then you’ll be getting Overgrowth as well, but be sure to check out some videos and gameplay samples to be sure you’re getting something you’re interested in. Just keep in mind that its regular price is of USD $29.99.

Associate Editor

Our boy from Buenos Aires, Juan has been a gamer for as long as he can remember (and possibly even longer than that). He loves a good story, and believes every indie game has a compelling one to tell.

Juan Manuel Fontan

Associate Editor Our boy from Buenos Aires, Juan has been a gamer for as long as he can remember (and possibly even longer than that). He loves a good story, and believes every indie game has a compelling one to tell.