TABS is Human: Fall Flat meets Gang Beasts in open warfare

A totally not so accurate battle simulator.

TABS, otherwise known as Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, is the new early access release where battle reigns, but everything about the battle is just a little bit wonky. In their new early access trailer, developers Landfall have showcased some of the best and weirdest bits of their physics wrangling game which sees you pit armies against each other in no-gravity-barred combat. 

TABS joins the ranks of a whole host of recent games that take physics and the rules of realism with a big pinch of salt. Games like Donut County, Human Fall Flat and the upcoming What the Golf exploit the rules of gravity, sense and… holes, to bring quick-gif worthy and humorous entertainment to the indie gaming masses. No matter the subject, these weird wonders tend to grab attention for their bright blocky aesthetics and quirky sense of humour.
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
I for one am very happy with this gaming trend, which turns the thing game designers most often fear, glitches, into the main feature of the gameplay itself. Watch as your army is catapulted into the air for no apparent reason, or as the boulders, you have flung expand like balloons upon impact, and try not to laugh, it’s really quite tricky.