The glass Staircase

The Glass Staircase brings back the glorious PS2 horror era

Beware Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark fans!

I didn’t dare play Silent Hill until past my 20s. There, I said it. Now you know. And since then I always wanted to go back in time to slap myself in the face and play not only Silent Hill, but also Resident Evil, Siren and Alone in the Dark when it was all novelty. The fact is I didn’t, and when I played all of these survival horror games as a grown man I realized how revolutionary they were and how much I wanted to relive that era.

Fortunately for me, the indie landscape is filled with fans of that golden age of survival-horror and I can always go to places like and see what’s being created to fill that empty space in my heart. Puppet Combo has released a couple of days ago their new PS2-looking survival-horror homage game The Glass Staircase. And these doors open slowly and in a chill bringing way. I was sold right then and there.

The glass Staircase

The Glass Staircase is, as the team behind Puppet Combo stated, “an homage to PS2 survival horror and Italian zombie movies”. I haven’t seen any Italian zombie movies ever, but I realize now I should have. All about The Glass Staircase just take me back to the first Silent Hill game and Resident Evil. The fixed camera angles, the chilling scenes and disclaimers like “There are violent and disturbing images in this game” are so very much on point.

And even if the trailer doesn’t show as much as I’d like from the actual game, what little bits we’re able to see just click in the mind of any fan of the genre. In this game we play as, from what I understood, two little girls who live in a mansion suddenly swarming with zombies and obscure creatures, dead bodies and blood-covered sheets.

The glass Staircase

And it even has a new HD Remastered version! What’s not to love?

For more information about The Glass Staircase you can check out its page with some nice GIFs that’ll reflect all of this retro greatness I’ve been praising for so many lines now. It’s priced at USD $5.95 and supports both PC and MacOS.