Flotsam gives us one fun solution to plastic waste

Just floating an idea

Most games centred around the apocalypse have you traipsing around deserted towns with a dog and a bad attitude, but not Flotsam! In Flotsam it’s time to get practical. The world has sunk, yes, but what are you going to do? Whinge about it? No! You’re going to build a floating town! Of course you are.

Flotsam is the survival management game where you turn the oceans trash into your treasure; build yourself a home and a community, and see who floats your way. The people of your little community, accumulated through the course of the game, must be kept happy with plenty of seafood and water; so managing your ‘drifters’, as they’re called in game, is part of the challenge too. There are also things in the sea trying to eat you, so theres that to be aware of.

Relics from civilisation can be recycled and reclaimed, remade into walkways, power generators and boats. Your little community can also become a boat in itself, manoeuvrable so that you can go in search of the tall ruins and underwater cities that litter this environment. But with great movement comes great responsibility, and you’ll have to avoid obstacles as you sail along.

It’s a vibrant looking game and interesting concept, that gives a nice new spin on post-apocalyptic games. But, can you stay afloat? Flotsam is out on 26th of September, check out its Steam page to find out more.