Win a copy of Harrowing RPG The Executioner

We’re giving away 5 Steam copies to celebrate its launch this week.

To celebrate the launch of harrowing RPG, The Executioner we’re giving away a Steam copy of the game to five lucky winners.

The Executioner puts you in the shoes of the royal executioner. Fusing a unique blend of medieval storytelling, sanity management, and the brutal moral conundrums only an executioner could face — this harrowing tale of a man who tortures people for a living will challenge you to face the monster that lives inside of all of us.

The decisions are yours, and so are the consequences.

The Executioner

Partially inspired by the famous Milgram experiment – a study on obedience in psychology, this brutal tale will follow the newly appointed Royal Executioner on a journey to retain his sanity in the darkest of times.

Lead Writer, Elena Sivakova said: “We were inspired to create this game by a question: ‘How do people, whose work is inflicting pain and killing other humans, actually live?'”

“We believe that our game provides an opportunity to live through a hard, painful and rather dark experience – and experience the ethical trap in which the participants of the Milgram experiment were caught. We want our players to fully understand the price of a lesser evil.”

The Executioner launches today on Steam.

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