Take your turn in history in war torn tactical RPG Warsaw

Take back the city

Historical games have the wonderful quality of helping you actually learn something. If they’re anything like 2014s Valiant Hearts, they’ll also make you a cry a great deal, lending emotional weight to narratives that can otherwise feel lost in the distant annuals of history. Warsaw takes us to a frontier that doesn’t often get the spotlight in WWII-centred games. We’re off to Poland.

The year is 1944 and we’re in occupied Warsaw, following a bunch of accidental heroes as they try hard to survive in their own city. The group of men and women that you find and enlist throughout your journey become the deck you fight with in this turn-based, tactical, RPG. Each individual’s unique background gives them versatile skills that you can learn to use in a variety of ways in combat against occupying Nazi soldiers.

The game’s map is a real asset, modelled on Warsaw as the city looked back then, you move your characters carefully along its streets. Along the way you’ll encounter historical or random events that help immerse you in the story further. Orders from the resistant HQ send you throughout the city, sometimes to fight or to discover more about the past of your characters.

Warsaw will be available to purchase this week on PC. Check out it’s Steam page to find out more.