Rule over a troubled kingdom in pixelated monarchy sim Yes, Your Grace

Chaos is a ladder.

Indie label No More Robots (Descenders, Hypnospace Outlaw) has announced Yes, Your Grace, a kingdom management sim that sounds much like Long Live the Queen meets Game of Thrones.

It’s set in the Slavic-inspired kingdom of Davern, where monsters and arcane magic runs amok. You are in the boots of King Eryk as royal subjects approach him every day requesting his help. These dilemmas can range from beasts attacking the village, to a lack of places for people to relax. Due to the limited number of supplies your monarchy can provide to those in need, these decisions can’t be made lightly.

And while it’s important to make these choices in the kingdom’s best interests, also remember that others may play you for their own personal gain. Lords will approach you for help with an upcoming battle, or you may have to play dirty to form alliances. Whether you are a benign ruler or a ruthless one, it will be difficult to keep everyone happy.

Originally a Kickstarter project funded back in 2014, it looks like backers and other interested players won’t have much longer to wait. Yes, Your Grace is due to release early 2020 with a beta coming in November.