The Wanderer

The Wanderer aims to put a new spin on Mary Shelley’s classic

Frankenstein is not the monster, in the literal sense that is.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Monster, a colourful retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic novel, has announced a Halloween release date with a surprisingly beautiful teaser trailer. It’s only surprising in the sense that the words: Frankeisnten and Halloween would typically invoke dark images of monsters stalking the living, not lonely creatures wandering through bright environments splashed with the stylings of a watercolour painting.

This poignant interpretation of the tale reimagined as a narrative adventure game takes Shelley’s historically dark character and offers a fresh perspective.  With a captivating approach to the art that imbues a dark romanticism through its watercolour infused landscapes, this modernised take on the gothic classic portrays a creature in thoughtful reflection on what it means to be alive.

The Wanderer

As a lost wanderer you’ll explore this beautiful setting through the eyes of a creature with no memory or past and an artificial body as your only vestige to the physical world around you. Through a series of story choices and puzzles, you’ll unravel what it means to be good or evil as the landscapes warp and shift reacting to your emotions.

Also looks like they might have dropped the neck bolts for a light poncho that is giving off some serious emo energy. Maybe people will finally come to understand that is was Dr Frankenstein who was the real monster all along, the creature was just the easier target.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature is set to release October, 31st on Steam.