Get great indies in Humble Bundle’s Day of the Devs bundle

Nothing spooky about this deal

Halloween is a time for spooky games and deals, apparently. There are some excellent discounts on popular spooky games around at the moment, but of particular interest to us indie loving friends is Humble Bundle’s Day of the Devs bundle.

Working in Humble’s usual stackable format, the bundle offers three tiers of payment and as the price increases so does the number of games. The breakdown is as follows:

Pay $1 (about £0.75) and get:

Pay more than $4.56 (£3.54):

Pay $9 (£6.99)

They might not be very scary, but they’re certainly a intriguing mix of indies, made by developers that are up-and-coming in the best possible way.


Assuming you’re paying the full amount of money for all the games, you’re going to be receiving a pretty varied bunch. Having said that, highlights for us appear in the very first tier, with The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game. It’s a fairly classical detective tale in a very non-classical format. For one, you’re a frog, and for two, the mystery you’re unpicking centres around the plight of a haunted sloth. It’s a sensibility similar to great games like Donut County and A Short Hike, getting players to chill into the off-the-wall setting and actually maybe even laugh a bit.

If you make it all the way to the last tier, you can get Minit, a game we only gave a 3/10 to in our review, but has since enduringly been chatted about within the indie gaming community. It’s one we reckon you might need to try for yourself. Structured around a single minute of gameplay before the whole damn thing resets, Minit is a game about making the most of your time. Find the secrets within this tiny adventure as quickly as possible, and find out what changes might just stick.

Check out Humble’s Day of the Devs bundle page for more information, where you can get Minit and The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game with a load of other great small titles.