Ex-Cuphead Dev teases new game Spring Falls and it’s very not-Cuphead

Very wholesome, very green.

Cuphead is very hard and not at all relaxing. This is a universal fact. So, what would you expect its lead programmer to make after Cuphead? An equally hard and challenging game, yes? NO! Incorrect. Eric Billingsley, the creator of Spring Falls, has pivoted into an entirely different genre. From stress, to stress busting. It makes sense, we suppose.

Spring Falls combines incredibly soft and appealing graphics with a simple game design. Here, the player must solve puzzles to help the flowers of these little blocks grow. Like a natural rubix cube, learning to manipulate the environment to produce the best results is the biggest puzzle here. In the 60 odd puzzles within the game, water flow is your primary concern. Because without water, things don’t grow! See, wholesome.

Ambient guitar sounds and soft lighting accompany the puzzles throughout, with the game really aiming to get into that relaxing/meditative gameplay genre. It’s already journeyed out to both Pax East and West and been officially selected for Indie Cade, so we expect we’ll see more people talking about this title very soon.

Spring Falls will be out on Steam on November 17 and it is also coming to the App store for IOS.