Stylish visual novel Eliza is 25% off today only

Can AI really teach us how to feel?

Technology has got into almost every inch of our lives. We’re typing on technology right now, you’re reading on technology right now. Spooky right? No, not really. But what is spooky, is the idea of therapy being taken over by an AI. Emotions, so often distinguished as the last vestige of what really makes a human, human, surely couldn’t be taken care of by a machine?

But in Eliza, a visual novel, the future is just that. In this slightly dystopic vision of the near future the talking cure is handed over to an AI named Eliza. The player is Evelyn Ishino-Aubrey, an operator of Eliza, who reads out the AI’s verbal cues word for word, without straying from the script. Evelyn herself hasn’t had a an easy ride as of late; three years previously she quit her high profile job and noone has heard from her since. Now, she must reconnect to the people from her past, and in the process help her patients, the people of Seattle, in their troubles too.

All the characters are voice-acted, bringing real drama and emotion to the beautiful 2D artstyle. With the important and intriguing questions it poses about humanity, this is a game you shouldn’t miss. Right now, Eliza is 25% off on Steam. Don’t delay!