Tools Up! makes home renovation into a co-op sport

Overcooked but with houses.

Did you grow up watching home renovation shows where a team of many nameless people would fix up a house in an almost impossible time-frame only to redecorate as a sort of sex dungeon? No!? Well then you have sorely missed out my friend. Better make up for it with a fast-paced co-op game about home renovation, aye?

Tools Up! picks up the co-op formula that Overcooked has perfected and runs off with it, from the restaurant to homes in great need of redecoration. It really is a very similar concept. Teamwork is essential here, as you manage properties big and small, dropped into your hands via various landlords. You and a group of friends are tasked with renovating these properties, starting with a small home and, as you work your way through the game, ending up all the way at the top of a skyscraper.

At the beginning of each project, you’re simply given a blueprint to follow as to how the place should look. It’s up to you and your friends to actually get it that way. Play with up to four of them to try and cope with whatever is thrown at you, including some unfortunate environmental situations – house surrounded by lava, anyone?

Tools Up! is released today on Steam, absolutely check this out for any future house parties.