Paper Beast

Paper Beast looks like an exciting VR playground

The game is being developed by Another World designer Éric Chahi.Paper Beast

Epic VR odyssey, Paper Beast has been confirmed in this month’s PlayStation State of Play blog to be hitting the console in 2020. The announcement was accompanied by a gameplay trailer that shows off the weird and wonderful landscape players can explore.

With Creative Director of Pixel Reef, Éric Chahi – known for designing cult classic pixel platformer, Another World behind it – Paper Beast looks primed to dazzle players with its fascinating origami-like wildlife and dynamic ecosystem.

This is not Chahi’s first foray into creative and dynamic worlds since Another World. He designed the similarly eccentric god game From Dust back in 2011 which also allowed you to reshape the environment around and toy with the lifeforms that inhabited it at your pleasure.

“In Paper Beast, I want the player to feel like they are the first explorer of a virgin land. This is how we created the game: as a journey through a unique wilderness where no human being has ever set foot.”

From what’s shown in the trailer, the game only hints at a wider narrative, a transformative migration that you share with the creatures you find along your journey. At a glance, the game seems more focused on a playground, sandbox-like experience that lets you toy with your surroundings supported by adaptive physics.

As you progress further through the world you are faced with a series of challenges and puzzles that set you on the path to unravelling the game’s complex non-verbal narrative. It seems there mihght be more to this world then first expected. None the less it looks stunning.

Paper Beast is set to launch on PlayStation VR Q1 2020.