Ministry Of Broadcast Launches Dystopia This Month.

Dystopian gameshows meet pixel patriotism in Ministry of Broadcast.

Ministry of Broadcast

Ministry of Broadcast is one to watch this January. The game’s promo content comprises of a winning list of inspirations and an endless reel of tantalising gameplay mechanics. All this teamed up with boisterous RPG gameplay and you’ve got something very promising in the making.

Tipped for release at the end of the month, the game has already made waves. Focusing on gorgeous pixel artwork and a rich storyline with twists and turns, the warmth of MoB shines through. There also seems to be an unusual focus on NPC behaviour for this genre of game. NPCs are a little more useful than they could be – being used as tools in puzzles and serving as a living organism within the game.

Ministry of Broadcast

Interesting too is the use of integrated HUD into Ministry of Broadcast’s UI. In a game so focused on aesthetics, a cluttered screen may have clouded the view a little. This adds to the challenge, according to the devs, as you’ll have to keep an eye out for clues.

Ministry of Broadcast

So far, we have been teased with a trailer, artwork, and a detailed description of the world in which Ministry of Broadcast is set. With many themes of oppression and dystopia being explored, it might be a thought-provoking antidote to the world outside.

Keep an eye on the Steam store page, or keep up with the team on Twitter.