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The Harvest Could Be The Next Overwatch

You reap what you sow

It’s natural that games end up mixing and matching genres to see what works. Sometimes that results in a masterpiece like Slay the Spire, and sometimes it ends up in the gaming equivalent of the “every moment I live is agony” creature from The Simpsons. It’s this strange addiction to genre-alchemy, a term which I am laying claim to, that really helps us find out just where gaming can go. It’s not always a big thing though, just look at Apex Legends, a game which just took the heroes from Overwatch and added them to a Battle Royale mode, albeit with far more interesting characters. Well, The Harvest is building on what Apex Legends laid down, and it’s quite an exciting prospect.

The Harvest is a is a new take on the class-based hero-shooter genre. It places you in a battle royale-style scenario where you and your squad have to fight for control over the Essence, which is an integral part of survival for the many races that are barely surviving around it. What this means in real terms, is that you choose a character, join a squad with friends, and try and outlive your opponents.

What makes The Harvest stand out from other games in this emergent genre, is the ability to craft your character as you play the game. You’ll become stronger as you play each match, a bit like how you would in a MOBA. Hopefully, this means you can play the game 100 times and experience a slightly different build in each. It helps that the game looks very nice too. It’s due to come to Early Access at some point this year; I guess we’ll just have to hope that it’ss soon.