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Knights Of Light Could Be An Indie The Witcher

We don’t often see games set anywhere that isn’t predominantly white. This is mostly because the audience of games has been perceived to be white as well, but it’s also because game developers from other countries might not have access to the same tools as those in the west. We’re now at a point where we’re seeing more variety in games thanks to a mixture of better awareness on our part but also because more people in other countries are making games. This is great because it allows us to experience cultures and lore that we might otherwise not be exposed to, and the more we see, the better-rounded we are as people.

It’s incredibly exciting then, that Knights of Light: The Prologue is not only out soon, but looks set to be a good opportunity to experience the historical Battle of al-Qādisiyyah (this has a lot of spellings), a battle which took place in 636/637 that was fought between the Sāsānian dynasty and an invading army. The game itself has you controlling two brothers who are also elite soldiers of the army that defeated the Sāsānian dynasty in the battle, but it’s not just about controlling a single character. Both characters have different playstyles, but you’ll also have battles where you help control your army, and hopefully lead them to victory.

The game is inspired by The Witcher and Mount and Blade, both of which are very good things to take inspiration from. It’s from a studio called Rumbling Games Studio, and they also have something called the Island Academy, which aims to help promote the games industry in Egypt. All in all, the game itself looks to be pretty exciting, but even just the setting and everything around it is worth paying attention too to. You can check the game out when it enters Early Access on February 29th.