The Stunning Paper Beast Is Out This Month

A video is worth 10,000 words

VR is, despite having proven itself with extraordinary titles like Beat Saber and SUPERHOT, still kind of an unknown for many people. It’s not enough to have good games, because the cost of the technology and even just the general set up is too much for some people. It’s a shame for a lot of reasons really, but one of the upcoming ones is the incredibly pretty Paper Beast.

Paper Beast is described as being a “playful exploration game” and takes place in a strange world that has a thriving and mysterious ecosystem. What’s more interesting is that this world is found deep within the core of peculiar data, meaning it’s entirely digital in nature, despite the life which has sprung forth within it. As the data flows around, it coalesces into strange creatures called Paper Beasts, or at least that seems to be the case.

The trailer shows off this unique world in full and has plants erupting from nothing, animals trekking across a desert set in front of stunning backdrops. Not only that, but it promises to be a fully interactive world with a genuine ecosystem, which could make it the perfect antidote to any stress in your life. It feels a bit like being David Attenborough, but in VR, and with weird origami creatures roaming around. VR games can often look impressive, but I think that Paper Beast helps to show that a little bit of style goes an awful long way. We can find out whether or not the substance holds up when it releases on PSVR on March 24th.