Every Game Should Have Steam/Switch Cross-Save

What’s this about goalkeeping?

I, probably like a lot of people nowadays, own multiple platforms. This is mostly because I write about games for a living, so I kind of need to. It is, however, also in part because I never had the chance to own more than one as a kid. My family didn’t have much money growing up, so anything I had I shared with my siblings. This meant that while my first console was the Sega Mega Drive (I’m old, but not Atari old), that was also mostly used to play games with my brothers and sister. The advantage of owning multiple systems is that I can play everything, well, time allowing. The disadvantage, or at least the one I want to talk about today, is the fact that I have the same game bought on multiple platforms.

More often than not, that means owning something on my Switch and on Steam. Now, this isn’t an inherently bad thing, at least if you ignore the money I’m spending, but it does create an issue. If I fall in love with a game while travelling somewhere, it means I’ve probably put a few dozen hours into it on Switch. If upon arriving home, I decide I want to keep playing it, I’d nearly always rather do so on my PC. You can see the issue, right? I’d love to have access to one unified save file, but that’s just not the way of the world.

First-world problems

I know this isn’t a real problem, especially given that I’m highly unlikely to be going travelling any time soon. However, it would be nice if more games had it. At the moment the list is; Dauntless, Paladins, Divinity: Original Sin 2, The Witcher 3, Civilisation VI, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Fortnite. Forgive me for mentioning some AAA stuff there, it’s a feature, and I’d be remiss not to mention the games that have this wonderful feature.

Now, some of these games don’t have Steam/Switch cross-save as such, but they all allow you to take your progress with you when you leave the house, then pick it up on PC again because it’s where I live now, okay?!

Take a moment and close your eyes (not yet, finish this paragraph first). Just imagine, you’re playing Slay the Spire, or Binding of Isaac, or Risk of Rain 2 (all of which are excellent roguelikes), and you’re on your way home from work. You sit on the bus/tube/train/plane and get about halfway through an incredible run; then you have to stop to get off and go home. You then head home, and instead of playing on Switch, decide to boot up the PC and maybe stream the rest of it for a laugh. You load up the game, your save remembers where you were on the Switch, and you sit there, warm, content, full of that fuzzy feeling you only normally get when you get post that isn’t a bill. Ah, what a time to be alive.

It’s like magic

This is something that can be done, people have proved that by doing it. I know it’s not a huge deal, but I really would love for it to be rolled out across the board. It’s the kind of thing that adds value to the players, but it would also incentivise buying a second copy of a much-beloved game. That means that developers would also benefit from this, so really, I’m being quite selfless in asking for this feature.

Now, we could sit here and discuss whether altruism can truly exist when the act of doing something good reward your brain with a rush of good hormones, but that’s probably a little much. Instead, I’m just going to ask that every developer with a multi-platform game considers cross-save, but especially if the game happens to be out on both Switch and PC. Won’t somebody think about how much more time I could be putting into Slay the Spire? Just imagine, if you think I talk about roguelikes insufferably now, think how much more roguelike content there would be if I never had to stop playing them.

Alas. It’s aboEvery game