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One Step From Eden Revives Mega Man Battle Network

One giant leap for mankind?

So, I’ve been playing One Step From Eden for about a week now. The full review isn’t for another week or so, but I can talk about my first impressions. If you’ve not seen the game, it uses a grid-based battle system that goes from slow in the early levels, to bullet hell in the later levels. Each battle is defined by your ability to positions yourself well and use the correct attacks. You can destroy blocks, repair them, lay down obstructions and turrets, or just rain fire down upon the battlefield. There’s an awful lot to do, and my lord is it fun so far.

It mixes this intensely satisfying combat with roguelike and deck-building aspects, a bit like Slay the Spire. For the record, I’m going to coin the term Spirelike for games that use the map system and general style of Slay the Spire. At the moment, that includes this, Necronator: Dead Wrong, and Warlander. I really like this style of progression, it makes moving through the world feel like a tactical decision, but it also allows you to be neck-deep in the action at all times.

I am, so far, having an incredibly good time with One Step From Eden. It’s hard to not get more into why that is, but I want to make sure I’m right about everything before committing to it, and that’s what the review will be for. It’s safe to say that I think you should be very excited for One Step From Eden though, and not just because it revives the excellent battle system used in Mega Man Battle Network, though that is a fairly good reason to be excited too.