mortal shell

Mortal Shell Looks Like A Death Metal Dark Souls

That’s a very big fish

Mortal Shell looks like Dark Souls. It’s a cliche to incite the good name of Souls when talking about another game, but, well, look at it. In fact, it looks so much like one of the original Soulsborne games, that it’s hard to believe it’s not. That sets an immediately high expectation for a lot of the people who find this style of game interesting, but the trailer, at the very least, nails it.

It takes you through a dark and grimy world, one filled with giant beasts with metal cages on their heads, glowing statues, and a fleshy creature that seems hellbent on taking a bite out of you. That’s all the style of it though, the meat of the game seems to be in possessing different enemies. You see, you play what looks like the villain in most games. A pale and featureless humanoid that sinks its fingers into the fallen to possess them.

Doing so grants you some control over them, and that seems to become stronger the more you use them. It also looks like it factors into both skills and the combat itself, with some of the mortal shells having access to magic and others more traditional combat methods. There’s even a part when you leap out of the shell you’re possessing to perform an attack. Everything looks great, but whether or not it can live up to this very impressive first trailer won’t be known until it releases on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, later this year.