The Best Upcoming Indie Games April

Don’t be a fool

Good lord did March suck. Not in terms of gaming, we actually got some incredible titles thanks to the third calendar month, but everything else about it can leave forever. It was another 900 day month, and at this point, it’d be nice to have a simple month to deal with. Maybe, through some act of god, we’ll have a chilled out one, but hey, if not, we can always look forward to these games.

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories

We’re gonna escape from all of the stress in real-life by playing a game about, let’s see, trying to survive in a city in the wake of a massive earthquake. Well, that’s not quite the escapism that’s probably needed. Despite that, this is a really interesting series that is well worth paying attention too.

Aside from the rather dark setting, this series has a lot of decisions to make and huge character development. The city you’re in isn’t completely safe either, so you have to be careful if you want to make a difference and make it out alive.

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories is set to shake the world when it releases on April 7th.

The Procession To Calvary

Well, this game has to be relaxing then, it’s about being an adventurer in a world filled with renaissance art that’s filled with sharp humour and some of the strangest images you’ll ever see.

In The Procession to Calvary, your job is to find the Heavenly Peter, and you’re going to struggle to do that without getting into all kinds of trouble mischief and accidentally cutting off some very classical heads. It’s incredibly pretty but also rather silly, and it might well be the perfect remedy to, well, everything else.

You too can deface a world of stunning paintings when The Procession to Calvary releases on Steam on April 9th.


Maybe this one will be chill? Unfortunately not, Hellpoint is what happens when you make a soulslike out of Event Horizon. That is to say, it’s horrifying, hard, and that’s the whole point.

Set aboard Irid Novo, a space station that represents the pinnacle of human invention, you play as a homunculus created by The Author to try and save the vessel. That means fighting off a vast array of horrific creatures and unspeakable evils, all while trying to find out what on earth has happened here, and why these things are happening in the first place.

You too can trip the light fantastic and fight off cosmic gods when Hellpoint releases on April 16th.


This one looks pretty; it’s gotta be nice, right? Here we go, look at that screenshot, stunning stuff. Cloudpunk is a lovely little game all about delivering packages in a futuristic city. That’s good then; there’s never been a bad game about a futuristic city, has there?

Oh no, it turns out that this is a neo-noir story, meaning that bad things are going to happen, and your delivery job is for a ‘semi-legal’ company, which sounds less than ideal too. Ultimately, this probably isn’t the escape you want, but it does look damn good, and if it plays like it looks, then you’re in for a treat.

Cloudpunk will be flying around Steam on April 23rd.

Moving Out

Please, no more. Just a nice happy game to enjoy. Ah, this is it, Moving Out. This is what happens when you take Overcooked and make it about moving furniture. It’s bright, colourful, full of weird characters, and is wonderfully inclusive too.

This might just be the happiest game coming out this month, and that’s good to know. The physics look like a lot of fun too. Not only will you have to work together to get the sofa out of the house and onto a truck, but you can use that sofa to smash through the door if you really want to. It really does look like a lot of fun, and also you can be a sentient toaster.

Moving Out will be getting on with things on April 28th when it releases.

These are just some of the games to look forward to this month. There are non-indie games about fantasies and finality around too, but who wants to play those anyway?

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