inner friend

Creep Yourself Out With The Inner Friend On Consoles

Just gonna nope right outta here

Horror comes in a lot of different flavours. Personally, I really like the kind of horror where it turns out you were the real monster all along, but that’s because I’m a coward and most horror games creep me out too much to be enjoyable. So, it’s with mixed feelings that I want to tell you about The Inner Friend, which seems to take the innocence of childhood and make it as creepy as possible.

The Inner Friend has been out on Steam for a fair while now, so you might have already played this intensely creepy introspective journey, in which case I hope you’re currently playing something happy with beaches and warm hugs. If not though, you’ll get your chance to play it on a console as it’s releasing on April 28th. It’s always good to see this style of horror game coming to more platforms, and it’s the kind of very specific style of scare that really appeals to a lot of people.

Honestly, the whole game is more than a little bit unnerving, and it deals with some incredibly heavy subject matter too given that you’ll come face-to-face with trauma and childhood repression. This might be exactly your kind of game, and that’s why I’m writing about it, it’s good to see games succeed. However, I won’t be playing it, I’ll be cuddling my cat or painting with my toddler instead, that seems far less nightmare-inducing, and I like sleeping sometimes.