vr dungeon knight

Why You Should Play VR Dungeon Knight

More than a feeling

I want to draw your attention to a wonderful VR game that came out in 2017. I know that feels like several decades ago, but VR was actually still around then, so it’s not that long ago. The name of the game is VR Dungeon Knight, and it’s an excellent dungeon crawler with some roguelike elements thrown in. It’s also quite possibly the best co-op game in VR, and you’d be missing out on a genuinely great game if you never play it.

You play as a Dungeon Knight, one of many who attempt to make their way through the dungeons in order to gain enough power to slay the evil Necromancer. It’s run of the mill stuff, but the story isn’t what makes VR Dungeon Knight so excellent, the gameplay is.

It’s basically just an excuse to spend a lot of time shooting bows, casting spells, and dual-wielding daggers as you fight your way through hordes of enemies. The feedback is great, and you really can customise the way you want to play. If you want to play a knight then you can, you can be a dark mage if you’d rather, maybe you’d rather be a gunslinger or a rogue? No matter your preference, the game has you covered. There are even pets that can follow you around and help you fight off the various skeletons and ghouls of the world. It’s really good fun, you can respec whenever you like, and it’s only in Early Access. It’s also the most indie a game can get, as it’s being made be one person.