Archer: The Witch’s Wrath Turns Archery Into Artwork

Will there be tights with men in them?

Archery in games can be a little hit or miss (harr harr). Sometimes it feels like you’re a badass because you managed to hold the trigger down for long enough, and other times you feel useless because you just wasted your last arrow trying to hit an enemy that had already died. It’s tricky, and putting archery into games faithfully isn’t an easy thing to accomplish. VR does make it easier, but it’s hard to translate onto a controller.

It’s interesting then, that Archer: The Witch’s Wrath is being made by a team with CEO Pawel Graniak at the helm. Why is this interesting? Because of this quote “Archery is my passion. I’m an active archer myself and one of the members of our supervisory board is an archery instructor teaching a group of students. We have always dreamt of creating a game, which will accurately depict the art of shooting a bow, that is why in Archer: The Witch’s Wrath we put a lot of pressure on highly realistic mechanics of using the bow”

This could well be one of the better examples of archery in gaming and, given how cool a bow and arrow is, could make for an exceptionally interesting game as a result. There’s no firm release date for it yet, but if it can live up to the promise of meaningful choices and also capture how wonderful archery is, then it could be a really interesting game and the start of a brand-new world to become lost in.