Drive Buy Is Twisted Metal Meets Crazy Taxi

Crazy Metal or Twisted Taxi?

Drive Buy is all about delivering packages. It’s also all about trying to do so as three other people try and deliver the same packages as you, but faster and with more backflips. Oh, also there are weapons and your friends/competition will probably be using those to take you out and get a leg up. They say it’s a dog eat dog world, but this is more car munches on car. It’s a classic idea that’s seen us through most generations of gaming, and having a new car battler is always something to be excited about.

It helps that Drive Buy also looks like a lot of fun, it also helps that it is coming out in July. There will be three game modes at launch. Delivery Battle has you trying to drop off packages as quickly as possible. PayDay has you trying to get as many coins as possible. Finally, Piggy Bank tasks you with trying to hold onto a pig, hopefully, a cute pig that can’t get hurt. They all sound good in theory, but the actual execution is what’ll make or break it.

Though, this quote gives us some hope “We want everyone to be in with a chance of winning – so even the player in last position can turn it around and steal a last-minute victory. Or they can flood the leader’s screen with emotes and emojis to get revenge.” See, that sounds great, and it comes from the mouth of one of the co-founders of Glitchers, the team making Drive Buy.