A Wholesome Direct Is Coming Today

Like a cuddle for your heart

Good news, a Wholesome Direct, which is to say a stream showing off a lot of wholesome games, is coming today at 1 pm ET (6 pm BST). It’s going to feature a lot of incredibly chilled and happy games. I, for one, need more chilled and happy games in my life, so I’m really excited to see what they’re going to be highlighting. Of course, as with all of the best things in gaming, the vast majority of these guys are going to be indie games, so go there and tell em we sent you.

Actually, don’t tell them anything, just sit there and bask in the glory of these incredibly nice games. It’s being put on by Wholesome Games, who are, presumably, incredibly committed to the brand. So far we know that Book of Travels, Ooblets, Spiritfarer, Little Witch in the Woods, Rainy Season, and Chicory are going to be in the showcase, but there will apparently be over 50 games included.

Given how many games are being promised it could well be a good chance to find out more about the games we’ve got coming out in the coming months, not to mention find a few new gems. So, make sure you head over to the YouTube channel to check it out when it goes live in a few hours, so that you too can be all warm and fuzzy inside. After all, that’s what gaming is all about: escapism from the horrible normal world.