Bugsnax Sure Has A Catchy Song

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This game has the weirdest Viva Piñata energy, which adds up, because Octodad wasn’t exactly a normal game. Bugsnax embodies the idea of “you are what you eat” and has the narrator eating a weird strawberry that keeps saying “strawberry” only to have their arm turn into strawberries. Honestly, I don’t even want to know what the game’s going to be like, I just want to play it.

It was announced as part of the PS5 event, and is definitely one of the more peculiar entries in any E3-esque presentation. I just want to keep eating things and changing what I am. Thankfully in real life, you are what you eat, but not as literally, as at this point, most of us would be a tub of ice cream or a packet of biscuits. Anyway, the game looks like a huge amount of fun, and no doubt learning about the inhabitants of the island will be a lot of fun.

Plus, despite how cheery everything seemed, the end of the trailer had a weird conglomeration of the Bugsnax pulling themselves into a humanoid shape and then lunging at the camera. Could Bugsnax secretly be a horror game, will there be screams galore and the kind of imagery that will stop you sleeping ever again? Probably not, but it is sure to be a damn good time if it’s half as entertaining as Young Horses’ last game. Bugsnax will be releasing on both PC and PS5 at some point this year. Probably towards the end.