Fight Crab Is The Fighting Game We All Need

Crabs with fight

Have you ever seen anything more beautifully absurd than Fight Crab? Just, just look at the trailer, watch these crustaceans throwdown against each other in battles that you can only assume are somehow linked to honour. I’ve no idea what kind of honour a crab has to protect, well, apart from that one crab in Divinity: Original Sin 2 that seems to be a Sourcerer. Anyway, look at how great Fight Crab looks. It’s like Goat Simulator but with giant battles to the death and obscene weaponry instead of an all-powerful tongue. 

It’s actually a physics-powered crab battler. You get to use a wide array of weapons like swords, guns, and jet engines, and your aim is to flip your enemy over and keep them there. Sort of like wrestling, and also Gang Beasts, but with giant crabs. YOu can also run along walls and catch blades with your pincers according to the Steam page. It’s all wonderfully over-the-top, and I’m genuinely really looking forward to playing it. 

The good news is that I don’t even have that long to wait, the game is coming out on July 30th. It comes with online and offline multiplayer, a single-player mode, big crabs, and giant weapons. Also, if the soundtrack is anything like the trailer then we’re in for an incredibly brutal experience for our ears too. It’s just very very silly, and that’s the kind of energy 2020 really needs at the moment, so, here’s to Fight Crab and all its absurdity.