The Best Party Games To Play With Friends

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The best party games should leave you and your friends somewhere between hugging and wanting to end your friendship forever. Each one should manage to keep you and your friend group laughing, but also potentially lead to gigantic arguments too. It’s a fine line, and one that a lot of games tread very well.

However, some of the games stand above the others, and while not every game we love is on this list, this is just a brief glimpse of the chaos that you can invite into your game nights. So, without any more of that ado, please feast your eyes on the best party games around.

The Best Party Games

Now then, each of these brings something a little bit different to the mix. Some of these you’ll know, others you won’t, but all of them liven up a party of people on or offline thanks to things like Steam Remote Play. Yes, this was more ado, but hey, here are the best party games now, no more ado… we promise.


Crawl has you and up to three friends plonked into a dungeon and having to fight your way out. The only issue is that some ancient horrors have messed everything up and you’ll end up fighting to the death. That might sound like that’s the game, but it’s just the start. From there, whoever survives the bloodbath has to fight their way out of the dungeon through monsters, traps, and eventually a boss. The catch is that the defeated players control all of those things, also, if anything kills off the hero, then the person who defeated the human will then become the adventurer. It’s great; you should play it, and play it right now.

The Jackbox Games

The Jackbox Party Packs all have a plethora of different games within them. While the other games on this list require a bit more gaming ability, the Jackbox games are perfect for parties of people who aren’t that into gaming. Each one just makes use of your phone to play with, and each one will have you in stitches as you try and win over the other players. Sometimes you’ll be rapping as giant robots, sometimes you’ll be telling jokes, and sometimes you’ll be designing t-shirts, but you’ll always be having fun.

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is canned chaos. It’s the perfect slapstick comedy gain where you all try and fight against not only each other, but also the controls. The best part is that while the floor is very low here, thanks to everything being a mess, the ceiling is surprisingly high. You might think that there is no skill to Gang Beasts, but you’d be wrong. You’ve not lived until you’ve scaled the side of a building as one of these floppy folks.

Rocket League

Rocket League is probably the biggest game on this list, but we’d be remiss to miss it. You play as a car that has rockets and plays football. It’s all incredibly absurd, and while the other games on this list all have a fairly low skill floor, this one is a little more demanding. Good Rocket League players make everyone else look like they’ve not even started playing. This is a great one for regular meet-ups or online sessions.


Finally on our list of best party games, we have, well, Starwhal. Starwhal is a game where you play space narwhals who have exposed hearts, and you need to kill each other. The thing that makes this one so much fun is that you can try as hard as you like to be good at it, but it’s not possible. No, we don’t want to be proven wrong, it’s just impossible. Also, it’s hilarious, and the customisation options are incredible too.